It's All In One Place It's All In One Place

At One Lake, it’s easy to launch into all kinds of fun. It’s where adventure and engagement go hand in hand with opportunities to enjoy all these future amenities.

Resident lake club pool

Resident’s Lake Club

Every part of your lifestyle comes together at the Resident’s Lake Club. Whether it’s yoga sessions, video conference calls or fireside family nights, residents will find a place to exercise, work, swim, meditate and relax. This exclusive clubhouse is being designed from the ground up to provide spaces that meet every need.

  • Club Lounge Area
  • On-Demand Fitness
  • Children’s Splash
  • Yoga/Tai Chi Area
  • Special Event Room
  • Club Room
  • Flex Space Kitchen
  • Shade Structure
  • Workspace
  • Adult Spa
  • Fire Pit
  • Barbecue Area
  • Lake Views

It’ll be a place to be active, healthy, engaged and in touch, where residents can work out with on-demand fitness, study after school, have barbecue dinners by the pool and find a second office steps from their door. It’ll be life at its most centered.

two bikers going down a dirt road

21-Acre Lake-Park District

Designed to be the heart of the community, Lake-Park District is the idea that inspired it all—a unique centerpiece amenity that will connect neighbors and families with opportunities to relish lakeside living.

Lake Park district little girl and dog

Here, residents will be able to enjoy water activities from kayaking to paddleboarding in addition to a one-mile jogging path and nine themed experiences that will line the path around the lake.

woman standing on paddleboard

Whether it’s shaded hammocks, art exhibits or picnic spots, there will be an area for every resident.

Couple jogging park

Your Kind of Rush Hour Your Kind of Rush Hour

young boy about to slide down a playground slide

Lake Trail Park

Not far from the lake, residents can enjoy a variety of experiences at Lake Trail Park. Several open lawn areas at the core of the park welcome children’s activities with a designated play area and active play structures, while multi-use trails, picnic tables and gardens bring variety to daily happenings. It’s a place to socialize, walk, sit back and relax.

Gigabit Community

Imagine living connected in all senses of the word. With gigabit technology at the center of the community’s framework, you’ll be able to experience revolutionary high-speed Internet. Work from the Glass House, sit back with your favorite show or simply stay in touch—all without missing a beat. It’s the kind of innovation that perfects this ultimate living experience.

Download the Gigabit Brochure >

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